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Aeroplate is a stand alone review platform specifically built to review food while flying anywhere in the world. Information gathered from Aeroplate is used to create a better eating experience for all.

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Upload photos and review while you fly with offline capabilites.

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About Aeroplate

If you fly often, or at all really, you would probably feel exactly like we do when it comes to eating in the air. We love it, we hate it, we are just a bit all over the place about it. It is fair to say that opening the lid of your airline meal is like opening Pandora’s box.

Food is always a starting point to good conversation, but when it comes to Airline food, it is all up in the air. That’s why we created Aeroplate. We needed somewhere we can discuss our food, with airline foodies everywhere.

Whose we? First there’s Frank, he’s been flying across Australia and the world far too often for far too long. He’s had many a meal in the sky, and he’s got a lot to say about all of it. Then there’s Steve and Kais, two digital designers working on top of a mountain in the middle of a gorgeous rain forest… In common, we have a love for food, data, and the digital world.

Together we’ve embarked on a mission to make airline food the best it can be. Aeroplate provides a platform for anyone to have their say on their airline meal through photo, emoji, and a whole heap of awesomeness.

While we aim to make Aeroplate a fun airline food review platform, we take the data it produces very seriously. The Aeroplate team is in contact with airlines the world over. We make sure your voice reaches the right people so that it can have the right effect.

Whether you have a snack, sandwich, or a full meal, let the world know what you think of it with Aeroplate. Use the site to submit a quick survey, or download our app to have some more fun with it.

Let’s make sure that your next airline meal is something to savour. Welcome onboard our Aeroplate.

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