If you fly often, you would probably feel exactly like we do when it comes to eating in the air. We love it, we hate it, we are just a bit all over the place about it. It is fair to say that opening the lid of your airline meal is like opening Pandora’s box.

Food is always a starting point to good conversation, but when it comes to Airline food, it is all up in the air. That’s why we created Aeroplate. We needed somewhere we can discuss our food, with airline foodies everywhere.

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Here's how the App looks and works

Aeroplate is built to take photos of your inflight food. After you take a photo, you can review different aspects of taste and experience. You'll open the app for the first time, and you'll be met with the Aeroplate newsfeed. The newsfeed will give you a glimpse of other peoples reviews, comments - as well as checking out relevant tweets about airline food from around the world.
When you're ready to take a photo of your inflight or lounge food and review it, tap the + button and begin!

When you're taking a photo, you'll hit a screen like this. You can take a photo of your meal. Cropping tools, filters and other fun commenting graphics will appear on the next screens. We recommend unwrapping your food first!

Now you can review your food super fast! Select 1 of the 3 criteria in the horizontal. The first time can be tricky - but I promise the second time is a breeze!

Select your flight details (this helps us pinpoint problems). There is a secondary page to this with more questions should you like to really review your inflight process. Most of these secondary questions are voluntary (But they will help us make food better!)

And now you can have some fun! Throw stickers around, place your flight deets there, put some fun emojis - but definitely communicate how you feel about your meal. Once you complete this part of the process, you can share your photograph and graphics with your friends and family.

All your food photos are saved in your passport. So you can go back and revisit the great and the not-so-great meals you've had in the past. You can also share these from your passport whenever you like. PS - to enter the passport just tap profile picture icon bottom right.

Who are we?

First there’s Frank, he’s been flying across Australia and the world far too often. He’s had many a meal in the sky, and he’s got a lot to say about all of it. Then there’s Steve and Kais, two digital designers working on top of a mountain in the middle of a gorgeous rain forest… In common, we have a love for food, data, and the digital world.

Together we’ve embarked on a mission to make airline food the best it can be. Aeroplate provides a platform for anyone to have their say on their airline meal through photo, emoji, and a whole heap of awesomeness.

While we aim to make Aeroplate a fun airline food review platform, we take the data it produces very seriously. The Aeroplate team is in contact with airlines the world over. We make sure your voice reaches the right people so that it can have the right effect.

Whether you have a lounge meal, snack, sandwich, or a full meal, let the world know what you think of it with Aeroplate. Download our app and start having fun with your next in flight meal.

Welcome aboard with Aeroplate.

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