Yes, You Can Buy Airline Food for $2 a Meal Right Now

Yes, You Can Buy Airline Food for $2 a Meal Right Now


Airline food is being sold at $2 a meal as travel industry languishes on where to go from here. From scrambled eggs and ratatouille, spine and ricotta tortellini, and chicken parmigiana with broccoli and sweet potato - The world is your oyster.

An air travel catering giant Gate Group is offering meals for the budget-conscious. Their in-flight catering company Gate Gourmet has turned to a new money-making avenue with air travel still in the deep freeze around the world. Now families can stock up on airline meals, and we say, bring it on! Breakfasts are just $20 for a pack of 10, while the same size pack of lunches or dinners will cost $25.

"The quality is great so I'm sure the public is going to enjoy buying them,"  Jetstar CEO Gareth Evans said.

How it Works:
- Select your pick-up location during check-out.
- You have 2 options available: vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
- Fun fact:
The majority of chicken and vegetarian meals are halal.
- All meals come in microwave and oven safe packaging, ready to heat, eat and enjoy
- Just click the website link at the end of the article for more...

There are 5 rules for ordering: 1) Select your location by using the drop-down menu in the order form. 2) Meals are assorted at random and special requests cannot be packed. 3) Meals only available for pick-up from listed locations. 4) Delivery is not available and bulk orders will be considered for delivery at the discretion of the port. 5) You must adhere to your pick-up time chosen on checkout.

For the lucky people in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney: Bon Appetit at Gate Gourmet.

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