Vertical take-off business jet concept ready!

Vertical take-off business jet concept ready!


South Africa-based aerospace startup, Pegasus Universal Aerospace is preparing to debut a Vertical-Business-Jet (VBJ) at EBACE 2019 in Geneva next week. Named Pegasus One, the six to eight seater jet is intended to combine the convenience of helicopters with the benefits of jet travel.

“We are working hard to build a full-scale cabin mock-up of Pegasus One which we plan to bring to London to start a demonstration tour of Europe in 2020 to drum up interest,” said Dr Reza, whose day job is being a top cosmetic surgeon. “We look forward to meeting forward thinking investors and of course potential operators during the tour.”

To date, the business has been predominantly self-funded, together with angel investment. Pegasus is now seeking new investment and looking for interest from industry. Pegasus estimates its needs around US$400 million to bring the aircraft to market.

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