United Ready to Reopen $150M Apple Travel, Are You?

United Ready to Reopen $150M Apple Travel, Are You?


United Airlines is opening up flights to China. These flights are said to patronized by Apple Computer and other high profile tech company executives. It has been reported, Apple buys 50 business-class seats every day on flights to Shanghai. The reason for this travel revolves around the notion that Apple needs to fly its employees to Asia to keep an eye on its meticulous electronics supply chain.

For the past few months, during the travel virus, working from home had certain advantages of safety, yet there are currently signs that travel is definitely resuming – much of it for business. United Airlines announced that it's adding 25,000 flights to its August schedule and resuming its flights between San Francisco and Shanghai on July 8, 2020.

What does return to travel look like for executives and economy travellers alike? Delta is blocking middle seats until the end of September. Yet American Airlines just announced it's going to be filling every seat available – something the airline has been known for over the years. United doesn't seem so keen on blocking middle seats at all, and why would they? This is a business, businesses provide a service...  Perhaps history would not look too kindly and an empty middle row, with no evidence that leaving it that way had any effect at all, on anything.

This is what we here at Aeroplate call 'Sacred Airtravel Geometry' which goes something like this: "When you're on board the aircraft, if you're sitting in the aisle, and the middle seat is empty, the person across the aisle from you is within six feet of you. The person at the window is within six feet of you. The people in the row in front of you are within six feet of you. The people in the row behind you are within six feet of you." –Josh Earnest | United Employee.

Describing the difficulties of keeping people six feet apart on an airplane, goes without saying. You might agree that social distancing on planes is impossible. You have been told airplanes have good air filtration. You know the airplane needs to be and is thoroughly cleaned. So dear travellers, the choice is yours and chances are, statistically, you're going to be just fine.

For an alternate take, you can view the Source Article here.

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