Qatar Airways Mandatory Face Shields, Raising the Bar for Bizarre

Qatar Airways Mandatory Face Shields, Raising the Bar for Bizarre


In todays news – Qatar Airways mandates face shields for economy passengers. Up until now, Qatar Airways passengers have had to wear face masks, but that requirement is being expanded, passengers now have to wear face shields in addition to face masks.

All passengers flying with Qatar Airways in economy class will be required to wear face shields as part of health and safety measures announced by the eccentric carrier today in response to the risks posed by the coronavirus pandemic. The Middle East carrier says it will be issuing fliers with protection kits – including face shields, hand sanitizer, a surgical face mask and disposable gloves, before they board its airplanes.

It has been claimed the airline has taken this a step further now into the land of bizarre, by announcing that its passengers will be required to wear a face shield – in addition to a face mask or face covering. Or "face covering"...? The face shields, which are disposable, will come in two sizes, one for adults and one for children. The face shields must be worn at all times, except when passengers are served meals or drinks, signalling that the virus can be negotiated with during these short mask breaks, to not travel to others. This, leaving some to ponder an age old question of our time: Do face covering masks really do anything effective at all, outside of an operating room?

The Face Shield Exemption List:
— Infants under the age of two are exempt.
— All those in classes above economy, i.e. business and first class, also exempt.
— All passengers: During drinks and meals break, mask exemptions.

Is this making sense yet? No? Let us continue... In a quote from Qatar Airways, it was said "Anyone refusing to wear the face shield during the boarding process will be not allowed to travel"... Business-class passengers “are asked to wear their face shield and mask on board at their own discretion, as they enjoy more space and privacy”, the airline says.

The Qatar Airways brand had caused many jaws to drop when photos first emerged of flight attendants in full medical PPE. Now details have emerged that there are new disposable protective gowns for all cabin crew that are fitted over uniforms, in addition to safety glasses, gloves, and a mask. The new gowns feature Qatar Airways’ logo, and to some look "much better".

Seeing is believing, passengers can verify information by checking the Qatar Airlines Safety Page

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