Qatar Airways Flight Attendants in Full PPE Gear?

Qatar Airways Flight Attendants in Full PPE Gear?


If you mistook the hero image to be "first class" meth lab, you would be wrong. What are are seeing here will, at least, if the rest of the airline industry takes its cue, be the new uniforms of the modern air travel crew.

On May 18th, Qatar Airways released images of its new in-flight cabin crew uniforms, which don’t look at all unlike the uniforms they wore in in the last photos on the official website. This is because, the images just displayed, stunningly, show all-white PPE suits worn by every member of the cabin crew! Yes, including the first-class Qatar bartenders.  If this weren't enough to digest,  in addition to the suits, the crew will be donning protective goggles, sanitary gloves, and a face mask.

If you thought it was just the crew covering their faces, think again, passengers will also have to wear masks beginning May 25, 2020. Luckily the PPE suit for passengers is purely optional. The flight attendants suits are said to be fully disposable, and hopefully soon, fully garden compostable as well, so Qatar crew won’t wasting as much plastics and general waste from one flight to the next.

What About the Meals?
Qatar Airways will be serving all business class meals in trays with disposable utensil wraps to minimize contact points. The cuisine will continue to be elevated from what’s available in the main cabin, but will be served in much the same way. You’ll also find ample hand sanitizer at almost every location on the plane.
According to those who know, flight crews will be broken up into two groups — one manning the outbound flight and one for the inbound flight. This, again, is claimed to be to ensure a minimal transference of germs and allows for quarantines should anyone, anywhere, exhibit symptoms.

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