Qantas launches 'mystery flights' to boost tourism

Qantas launches 'mystery flights' to boost tourism


Qantas is launching "mystery flights" in an effort to boost domestic tourism across Australia and spark nostalgia.
The day-trips, where passengers don't know the destination when boarding, were popular in the 1990s.
Airlines across the region are coming up with different strategies to tackle the pandemic-induced travel slump, with Thai Airways announcing this week it will slash its workforce by 50%.

Qantas was one of the first airlines to offer flights to nowhere, which take off and land at the same airport after low-level fly-bys of iconic Australian landmarks.
The mystery flights are the Australian airline's latest tactic to woo more passengers into flying.
Flights will be on one of three Qantas Boeing 737 planes from Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney with economy fares beginning at A$737 (£413, US$577).

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