How Airline Food Is Changing During the Travel Pandemic

How Airline Food Is Changing During the Travel Pandemic


Everything will be different this year. Although some details differ from airline to airline, inflight services have been scaled back, this includes beverages, snacks, and also premium cabin food services. Below we list 3 major airlines and what their official stance is on how their airline food services are changing.

Here's what you can expect if you're traveling in the near future:

1. Alaska Airlines: Temporarily reducing its onboard service levels, which means that no foods or drinks will be served on any flights under 350 miles. On longer flights, first and premium class customers can have individual bottles of water, a sealed can of beer, and a packaged snack. Those traveling in the main cabin will get bottled water and a snack. Alaska has also temporarily suspended its pre-order meal selection, and is instead encouraging passengers to bring their own snacks.

2. American Airlines:  Limiting its inflight service based on flying time. For flights under 2,200 miles or less than 4.5 hours, first class customers will get pretzels, cookies or chips, and a bottle of water during boarding, and can request alcohol during the flight. Main cabin customers have the same snack-and-water options when they board, but cannot buy snacks, alcohol, or additional food during the flight. For flights (over 2,200 miles) main cabin meal service will still be limited to long haul international flights, and first and business class customers will have to make do with a meal that is served on a single tray instead of in multiple courses.

3. Delta Airlines: Passengers on U.S. domestic and international flights to Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico will be restricted to bottled water only, regardless of their cabin; the airline will not offer alcohol, plastic cups, or ice. For long-haul international flights, Delta One and Premium Select customers will be served an entrée, bread, and dessert, while Comfort+ and Main Cabin travellers will get an entrée and dessert. All passengers will have "a full selection of beverage options," including booze.

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