Fiji Airways, starts serving food preflight, before passengers board

Fiji Airways, starts serving food preflight, before passengers board


The airline has announced it will begin serving its business class passengers their meals before they get on the plane.
The meal service, called Dine of the Ground, promises a pre-flight gourmet meal "to maximise rest while travelling".
The airline said the move comes after research found 31 per cent of Australian passengers skipped in-flight meals in favour of getting more sleep. As a result, up to 38 per cent of food on board was being discarded.

Passengers taking morning or evening flights out of Nadi, Fiji will be offered breakfast or dinner, respectively, in the Fiji Airways Premier Lounge shortly before boarding.

"While the inflight experience has improved dramatically over the years across all airlines, the way in which food is served hasn't changed too much," says Fiji Airways' managing director and CEO, Andre Viljoen.

We think we'd happily find an excuse to extend the holiday in Fiji a little longer, before flying home. 

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