Easing Flight Tensions with Airport Aromatherapy

Easing Flight Tensions with Airport Aromatherapy


Back in September 2019 Airport World magazine reported that airports were embracing the idea of aroma therapy. Ambient scenting was once one of the newest initiatives being embraced by airports as they looked to enhance the passenger experience. Well now, more than ever, we're calling all airports to arise and continue these developments. 

Increased natural light, more comfortable furniture, seating with plugs, the ones that allow the occupants to connect devices  and improved retail options are all helping move the customer satisfaction dial in the right direction. What is needed now is the ancient art of aroma's to come up with new and unexpected ways of improving people’s moods (read: "fears") and energy levels (read: "panic attacks") while in the terminal. It has been argued and we here at Aeroplate would surely agree, the most creative strategy is improving how airports smell. 

Research has shown our sense of smell is linked directly to the limbic part of our brains, the control-centre for our emotions. In other words, what we smell has a direct impact on how we feel. Citrus fragrances, for example, can improve moods, reduce stress, and increase calmness. This zesty aroma isn’t the only scent proven to make people feel more at ease. Lavender has been shown to increase relaxation, having the same effects as anti-anxiety medication – lowering blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature, according to The US National Library of Medicine.

With modern technology, the scent effect can be created with computer-controlled diffusion appliances. Gone are the days of relying on aerosols and candles. This makes airports perfect settings for scenting. Imagine it, a welcoming effect, drawing on the culture and beauty of the area to be visited, the ability to be both energising and comforting, and even helping ease the tension of passengers all over the world. Like this idea? Spread the word...

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