Airlines Flexing Their Muscle as Force for Good

Airlines Flexing Their Muscle as Force for Good


What does it mean to "adapt and thrive" if you are a major airline carrier? Today we have a look at the Swiss.

Swiss International Air Lines has just reconfigured (#Adapt) three Boeing 777-300s into cargo aircraft.  The air line as of this posting, has conducted a total of seven charter cargo flights from Shanghai to Switzerland on behalf of the Swiss Red Cross (#Thrive). The flights brought medical equipment and testing materials to Switzerland, and were performed with the support of the company‚Äôs Swiss WorldCargo division.

What did that mean in numbers to the people receiving the support? In a word, ALOT. In total, these flights brought in over 20 million protective face masks and 300 000 protective gear (overalls). The flights were performed with Airbus A340 and Boeing 777-300 aircraft. To make maximum use of the space available, the cargo was carried not only in the hold but also in the passenger cabin.

Digging deeper, we learn that Swiss Air Lines have performed more than 80 cargo-only flights since the end of March, transporting over 1300 tons of airfreight between Asia and Switzerland. The cargoes concerned have consisted mainly of medicines and medical supplies and equipment for the Swiss healthcare system.

Swiss plans to operate over 100 further cargo flights on behalf of various private and public entities between now and the end of May. The Airline of Switzerland will also introduce a new network of cargo-only services offering regular cargo flights between Zurich and Shanghai (up to 3x daily), Beijing (up to 2x daily), Chicago and Tokyo (twice weekly) as well as Bangkok and Singapore (weekly). Further destinations are expected to be added to the new network over the next few weeks.

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