A Million Airline Meals to Be Given Away to Needy

A Million Airline Meals to Be Given Away to Needy


The Coronavirus frozen airline food mountain is real and it's going to feed those in need. In April, it was observed that a frozen food mountain had been growing at a storage site near UK's Manchester Airport – because of the collapse in air travel during the, yes that thing.

The good news, around 1.1m meals have now been saved by not-for-profit group Open Kitchen MCR. “It’s essential we find safe ways to get not just enough food, but good food to people who need it,” said the social enterprise's founder Corin Bell. Open Kitchen MCR, which normally intercepts food waste and turns it in to food for events, is now cooking and delivering up to 10,000 meals a week.

The 'Poverty Line' Outside Airlines

Before the coronavirus hit, there were 400,000 people that were estimated to be in food poverty in Manchester alone,” said Mr Bell. “A lot of the usual routes to access food for people in poverty are not available now that Covid-19 has hit."

Just who is benefitting from this initiative? Those from Open Kitchen’s efforts include the street homeless, people temporarily housed in hotel accommodation, those in self-isolation with underlying health conditions, and people living below the poverty line.

The meals will be transported to Lineage Logistics in Heywood, where they will be stored before being distributed to those most in need. It is said groups are working with Manchester City Council to co-ordinate food provision for those in need across the city. 

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