10 New International Destinations Reopening to Tourists

10 New International Destinations Reopening to Tourists


Although many governments are still advising against “non-essential” international travel, a host of popular destinations are beginning to ease their COVID-19 lockdown measures and border restrictions and are moving toward welcoming tourists back. Recently, the European Union unveiled an action plan to reopen its internal borders in time for summer, while countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have formed the infamous “travel bubbles,” lifting restrictions for each other’s citizens.

If you’re one of many travellers eagerly awaiting news on where you can travel to this year, here’s a guide to the top destinations making plans to reopen, as well as some of those that are keeping their borders firmly closed for now.

The List of "Open for Business" Destinations:
1. Cyprus
Cyprus is so keen to get its tourism industry back on track, officials are offering to cover the costs of any travellers who test positive for COVID-19 while on vacation in the Mediterranean island nation.

2. Bali

The Indonesian island now hopes to welcome tourists back by October, provided its infection rates stay low.

3. Greece
Tourism accounts for almost 20 per cent of Greece’s gross domestic product, as well as one in five jobs, so it’s perhaps no surprise the Mediterranean nation is angling to reopen to tourists.

4. Germany
Although nonessential travel to Germany is prohibited at present, the land of poets and thinkers intends to lift restrictions for EU countries from June 15.

5. Mexico
Mexico is aiming to welcome visitors back within a few weeks. The target is travellers from the US and Canada and then the rest of the world.

6. Turkey
Turkey made over $34.5 billion from tourism in 2019, and the transcontinental country is eager to get back in business. Turkey is set to reopen to Asian countries such as China and South Korea first.

7. Italy
Italy has been one of the destinations worst hit by the pandemic, but the hugely popular European country is keen to get its tourism industry up and running now that infection rates have slowed down.

8. Spain
In July will allow the arrival of foreign tourists to Spain under safe conditions.

9. The Maldives
It’s already one of the most lavish destinations in the world, but the Maldives looks set to become even more exclusive once it reopens in July.

10. St. Lucia
St. Lucia is one of several Caribbean islands trying for a tourism comeback, and as of this post are already allowing phased entry of travellers from the US.

With tourism being the economic lifeblood of many countries across the world, the reopening of these places is a only matter of when is the right time.

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